Adventists have embraced the philosophy that education should be redemptive in nature, for the purpose of restoring human beings to the image of God, our Creator.
Mental, physical, social, and spiritual health, intellectual growth, and service to humanity form a core of values that are essential aspects of the Adventist education philosophy.

"What is envisaged, in essence, is:

  • the recognition of a need for healing, …………. and restoration of wholeness in answer to the brokenness, disconnectedness and soul-sickness experienced by all humanity
    as a consequence of the Fall;
  • a process that focuses on the whole person and the interdependent relationship between all facets of human personality;
  • the outcome and evidence of the process will be a reflection of God-likeness, rather than human greatness and achievement."



To encourage educational development

in collaboration with other ministries

at the Camp Hill Church. 


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