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Camp Hill SDA Church and friends have Health Expo success in Sparkhill  

God was good to grant dry and bright weather on Sunday 5th October. 30 volunteers including 5 Elders and the Senior Pastor of Camp Hill Church, Dr Patrick Herbert met with over 70 adults who attended the expo to learn their current health status and their potential to reduce unhealthy lifestyle factors and extend their longevity by several years of quality life.  The setting was the Robert Wilkinson Funfair; a family run business that has a volunteer forum typically campaigning against bullying in schools. 

Amidst the fun of the fair health expo volunteers drew the attention of parents out with their children for the afternoon.

Most of the attendees were Asian adults and each of them had at least one unhealthy trait such as long hours working as an Area Manager for a large and competitive supermarket chain, the irregular sleeping habits of a 10 month-old infant, difficulty attending the gym due to long shifts at work etc.  They were keen to seek advice from our team that included a doctor, several nurses, a medical student and other professionals. Some were not usually experienced in offering health advice. They utilised their knowledge and understanding of the laws of health and having taken the SDA Health Message published in Ellen G White’s Ministry of Healing 109 years ago. For them the principles of good health is a normal way of life- we were all able to supportively coach people who reported difficulty getting care-centred consultations with their GPs.  Even the novices in the team enjoyed the buzz of the health expo- the more experienced offered advice on how things could be run smoother in future.  Sis Grace Walsh, Sis Naomi Watson and Wednesbury Pathfinders made up the group of friends who joined the effort.