The Logo

The logo is designed to be more than a collection of symbolic references. The design, as a whole, is intended to reflect the spirit and character of our dynamic and growing church. However, the individual elements that form the basis of the design were carefully selected to represent the beliefs and mission of the church.

The Flame:

This shape is formed by three lines encircling an implied sphere. The lines represent the three angels of Revelation chapter 14. It circles the globe and represents our commission to take the gospel to the entire world. The overall shape forms a flame symbolic of the Holy Spirit. 
The lines at the top of the design suggest a continued upward momentum symbolizing the resurrection and ascension to heaven at Christ's second coming, the ultimate focus of our faith.

The Open Bible:

The Bible forms the base of the design and represents the Biblical foundation of our beliefs. It is portrayed in a fully open position suggesting a full acceptance of God's word.

The Cross:

The symbol of the cross, representing the gospel of salvation, is positioned in the centre of the design to emphasize Christ's sacrifice, which is the central theme of our faith.  It is also significant that the Bible; representing the law, and the flame; representing the Spirit, come together at the cross.