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A.R.K. Quilting & Needlework Group

This page is dedicated to Sis Dina Mullings (d.Feb 2014) who was a key member of the A.R.K. Quilting & Needlework Group from its foundation in Feb 2009.

The group is now in its 5th year, and to celebrate we are planning an Exhibition to envangelise to the local community, the theme (tbc)

We are moving on to new Projects one of which is the Baptismal Screens Project, this project is for the church as a whole to appreciate the group's achievement so far.  

View our achievements to date:

Presentations to Heartlands Hospital Children's Ward

2nd Presentation to Birmingham Children Hospital

Group Quilt for Sale

Our newsletters give a taste of what the group is all about, we are friendly, cheerful and welcoming...